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Learn more about Fanz’s expert-led workshops:

Pincha, Acro Yoga, Yoga for Mens, Kids Yoga, Yoga & Coffee, Kids, Sports Conditioning, fitness and many more – all designed to help you look and feel your best.



Pincha Workshop

This workshop is for anyone who likes to get upside down, whether you're just starting to learn forearm stand (Pincha Mayurasana) or advanced practitioner.

Details and Benefits:
Pincha is an exciting and fun pose, but they can also be scary and challenging to master without an understanding of how to work on them. In this 4-day workshop, Isaac will begin the workshop with a range of drills to work on breathing practices, building the strength, mobility and flexibility you need for forearm stand . Isaac will break down what you need to know how to get yourself comfortably upside down, how to balance in headstand, forearm stand and handstand. And many variations of these!


Acro Yoga

This workshop includes partner warm ups that will warm you up quickly and effectively before you start your practice as well as get you used to working with your partner safely.

🔥You do not need to be a master of any types of yoga but just enjoy it.




Kids Yoga

Introducing yoga exercises for kids right from the school age helps nurture the child’s physical as well as emotional well-being. For healthy physical and emotional growth of the child, yoga provides an avenue where the child can learn to relax, meditate, enjoy, and be able to reflect on the little challenges faced each day


Sound Healing Stretch

Hong Kong people are more stressed than ever. Their jobs are the major source of stress in the life(e.g. heavy workloads, lack of job security, and difficulty striking a work/life balance). If you cannot manage stress well, it will not only affect your health but also your work performance.

Join Us to enjoy 60-minutes of Sound Healing Yoga during lunchtime for deep relaxation and activate your body self-healing powers.



Handstand Workshop

This handstand beginner workshop serves as the entry point to handstands through full body training & drills on walls.

Through flexibility, strengthening and conditioning training on shoulders, it will build the foundation to scapular movements and upper back muscles. In this workshop, you will learn to build stability and mobility for healthy shoulders, that is essential for handstands.


Shoulder & Chest Opening

We will unlock the potential of your body and discover the joy of backbends with our transformative Shoulder & Chest Opening and Backbend Workshop. Open to all levels, this workshop is designed to deepen your practice, improve flexibility, and empower you to share these invigorating poses with others.

The workshop consists of three parts: theoretical explanations, practice, and targeted stretching and relaxation.


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