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Food Sensitivity Test

Do you know?

45% of the population suffers from delayed food reaction*

*Estimated by Allergy UK, a British medical charity devoted to helping food sensitivity sufferers

Types of food reactions

Delayed Onset


Immune system mistakenly take common substances as invaders and give rise to a series of reactions.


IgG antibodies


Take hours or days to surface


long-lasting & subtle > Hard to trace the offending foods

Skin Prick Test

Immediate Onset


Immune system mistakenly take common substances as invaders and give rise to a series of reactions.


IgE antibodies


Within minutes


React quickly & apparent > Easy to trace the culprits

Food Sensitivity Symptoms


Eczema, Acnes, Urticaria, Folliculitis, Dry skin, Paleness, Brittle nails or hair


Frequent diarrhea, Vomiting, Bloating. Irritable bowel, Constipation, Gas


Ear inflammation. Chronic sinusitis. Blurred vision, Watery eyes, Itchy eyes or ears. Hay fever, Runny nose


Anxiety, Learning disabilities, Hyperactivity, Autism, Depression, Poor appetite, Food cravings


Joint Pain, Arthritis, Muscle aches, General weakness


Migraines, Palpitation, Hyper/Hypotension, Angina,Arrhythmia, Dark circles under eyes


Recurring cold, Chronic fatigue, Giddiness, Insomnia. Weight fluctuation, Overweight Water retention

If you have e2+ symptoms persistently in the pasy 30 days,

Food sensitivity might be the culprits!

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
Male Scientist

Food Sensitivity Test

By using the advanced lab technologies, with just a small amount of blood provides you a comprehensive set of data on foods that you are suggested to avoid from the diet.

✔️ Trusted by 400+ healthcare professionals since 2003

✔️ Bilingual and easy-to-read reports with supplementary info sheet 

✔️ Work with the world-renowned laboratories and provide test services with a high accuracy rate of over 85%

US Laboratories

⭐IgE antibody test will be conducted on a FDA-approved system

⭐IgG antibody test will be tested twice to ensure the highest accuracy

German Laboratory

⭐Certied with EN ISO 13485, the most qualied scientic assurance

⭐Strong R&D team for the self-development of antigen reagent

How does our test help?

Yang, 5


Severe eczema, Recurring cold, Frequent high fever & Middle ear infection

After Testing:

Avoid allergens & intake probiotics and fatty acids

After two months →skin condition was resolved & faster cure time for cold

After three months →ear condition has improved & high fever is less serious

After six months →no recurrence of middle ear infection & fewer high fevers

Chloe, 17


Had eczema since she was few months old & Dry, itchy skin Acne problem

After Testing:

Avoid allergens

→almost instant improvement in symptoms

After four months

→ symptom free skin

Mr. Wong, 30


Had battled with diarrhea since teenage, yet unable to nd the underlying cause

After Testing:

Avoid allergens

After one month

→ diarrhea stopped

*The above testimonials are true clinical cases provided by various medical professionals in appreciation of HK BioTek. For more test information, please visit our website.

*The test is for reference purposes only, and cannot replace the diagnosis and treatment by a medical professional.

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