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About Fanz

We offer comprehensive programs for you. Our fitness program incorporates the promotion of physical strength, maintenance and improvement of physical appearance and improvement of flexibility and posture in order to boost immunity and metabolism.

At the Fanz Wellness Centre, we strongly believe in treating our clientele equally and fairly, creating a respectful and comfortable environment for our clients to receive support, providing licensed and effective professional service, complete discretion for our client’s personal details and customising our service to provide better support for our client’s mental and social demands. 

We are located in the heart of the Central district, just a 3 minute walk from Exit C, with a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere in which you can feel heard, respected, challenged and encouraged to experience a transformative shift.

Who we are?

Our trainers have 15-year athletic backgrounds; we understand well-designed programs are able to improve your personal health and foster lasting, positive lifestyle behaviours. We can also help increase productivity and creativity in your daily routine.

We design and customize programmes for you.


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