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Environmental Pollutants Profile

Environmental toxins are everywhere! 

"May not make you sick immediately yet worn you down gradually"*

Manmade chemicals can be found in our everyday lives, from food to things that we use daily. More than 10,000 chemicals have been reported as ingredients of cosmetic and food**. High dose of chemical usage that lead to acute reactions are monitored by the government. However; the health effect from chronic exposure to low dose is often neglected despite a growing body of literature.

These chemicals could disrupt our endocrine balance even in a trace amount. This is the reason why these chemicals are also called' Environmental hormone.***

How do toxins get into me?


Automotive emission, Active/Passive
cigarette smoking, Paints, Volatile
solvents. Water sources and air

Personal care

Skincare products. Cosmetics, Deodorants, Perfume, Hair spray, Nail polish,Shampoo, Shower gel

Food & Medicine

Processed food and drinks (concentrated juice, sport drinks, jelly, instant food, fast food, pastry), Medical tubing, Some medicine (e.g. sleeping pills & antibiotics), Shell of capsule medicine


Domestic chemical cleaners, Home
fragrance, Rubber flooring


Food packaging and containers, Cups and disposable utensils, Microwavable boxes, Plastic wrap, Ziplog bags, Waterbottles. Raincoats and boots

Image by Amir Hosseini

Accumulation of toxins in the body


Irritating eyes, nose throat & skin, Taste & Olfactory fatigue


Diarrhoea, Nausea, Abdominal pain


Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Excitatory effect, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Impaired balance, Difficult concentration, Insomnia, Anorexia


Hormone disorder; An emia, Dermatitis,
Dyspnea, Blurred vision


Long term risks of chronic exposure to toxins


-Decreased count in white blood cell and weakened immunity

-Disrupt male reproductive organs

-Birth defect, abnormal fetal development

Doctor's Visit
Image by Louis Reed

Environmental Pollutants Profile

✔️ Revolutionary Air-dried strips allow an easy collection of your first morning urine and a guaranteed sample stability for analysis.

✔️ Cutting edge technology LC/QQQ measures the level of
chemical toxins of the sample with the highest accuracy
* Test items: Xylene, Toluene, Benzene, Styrene, Trimethylbenzene,
Phthalates, Parabens. Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE)

✔️ Award winning lab in the United States:

All tests run in duplicate for the most reliable result.

Within 14 days, you will receive:

Personal Organic Acids Report -

•    Very easy to read

•    Present your level of metabolites, reference range and your position in the population.

LabAssist™ Wellness Report -

•    The toxins level found relates to how well your body could handle them・

•    Recommendation on possible sources of toxins and dietary intervention provide actionable follow ups based on the test result

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