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Urinary Metabolic Profile

Organic acids are compounds produced within the body in the course of metabolism.

And metabolism is a series of chemical reactions at a cellular level for the organism to grow, reproduce, repair, and to react to the outer environment.

Metabolism is 'Body’s mini engine', 'Supply the body’s energy on demand' & 'Indicator to our health statuses'

​And is related to the following three functions:

Ability to absorb foods and nutrients

Ability to convert nutrients into energy

Ability to remove toxins from the body

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Balance is the key, then health goes afterwards

Ideally, out body parts and systems operate in a balance and mutual form of operation to carry out specific functions necessary for everyday living. When there is any imbalance, no matter on hormonal or mineral levels, this increase the risk of developing systematic health issues.


Metabolism is key to everyone, despite of age and gender. Metabolic derived problems could affect you psychologically and physiologically.

‘Urban disease’ or Metabolic disorder?


  • Anxiety, Depression, Mood Changes

  • Bloating Nausea, Acid Reflux

  • Autoimmune disorders, Chronic information, Dermatitis, joint pain, Multiple chemical sensitivity

  • Blood sugar dysregulation, chronic fatigue, early aging, Sleep abnormalities, Weight problems

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Why urine test?

✔️ States of metablolism determine states of health

✔️ Easiest way to examine metabolic efficiency

✔️ Use revolutionary Air-dried strips to collect your first morning urine. Very easy for sampling and keep your sample being highly stable for analysis

✔️ Precise technology: LC/QQQ measures the extent of metabolite levels that found with highest accuracy* Analyses the urinary levels of 36 organic acids

✔️ Award winning lab in United States

All tests run in duplicate for the most reliable result

The test result groups 36 organic acids markers into 8groups, forming 5 categories:

1. Macronutrient Metabolites

    - Key to nutritional metabolism

2. Cofactor Needs

    - Determine catalysis status in the body

3. Neurotransmitters Levels

    - Test for mood and emotional health

4. Detoxification markers

    - Efficiency on breakdown & excrete toxins

5. Bacterial Metabolic Index

    - Correlation between immunity & gut flora balance

Chest Cavity

Within 14 days, you will receive:

Personal Organic Acids Report -

•    Very easy to read

•    Present your level of metabolites, reference range and your position in the population.

LabAssist™ Wellness Report -

•    The toxins level found relates to how well your body could handle them・

•    Recommendation on possible sources of toxins and dietary intervention provide actionable follow ups based on the test result

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