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Fanz Wellness Centre

The Place Where You Change Your Perception.

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We aim to maintain and improve your physical health through our Classes, Physiotherapy, Nutrition Programme & Test, Stress management, and illness prevention. 

Join Us and Transform Your Body and Mind

Personal Training

Our goal is to make sure you achieve your goals in the best way for you and at a time and place that suits you



Over 240 Classes are offered per month.

From Hatha to Pilates to Core Training

Mental Health

We provide energy healing and meditation for mental recovery to help you adequately manage stress, anxiety and other challenges more effectively. 

Petri Dishes

Nutritional Health

We aim to give the most comprehensive picture of your body by finding the most suitable checkup for you and help to understand the results and plan any lifestyle changes. 

By instilling accurate information about food nutrition and offer dietary, we are able to help you to achieve nutritional goals.

Your Recovery,
Our Process

Our team of experts provide high quality, effective, and affordable pain management to help you recover from pain, stiffness or injuries. Ultimately, we aim to help you build a stronger, fitter and more flexible and balanced body

Sports Injury


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